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Black Family 5K

November 26, 2021

Start a new tradition this Thanksgiving holiday by joining GirlTrek’s Black Family 5K Walk on Black Friday. 


A New Black Friday Tradition

This Thanksgiving, gather your friends and family to reclaim Black Friday with a new family focused tradition.

GirlTrek is inviting thousands of families– chosen – biological – or otherwise entangled – to walk forward stronger together by hosting a Black Family 5K on Black Friday. 

We need this now more than ever. A reason to revel.  To reconnect. To rejoice with our loved ones. AND to shake off the trauma of this pandemic. 

Join us in rebranding a corporate holiday to center ourselves on kinship, health and fun.  Sign up to register TODAY and get ready to host your own Black Family 5K.

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Gather your folks

Grab your mama, cousins, aunties, and your uncle who keeps cheating at spades and tell them to get ready! It’s time to roll out!

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How to Host Your 5K

step 1:

Register for the Walk

Make it official and sign up to host a walk for your family by registering here.

step 2:

Rally Your Family

Spread the word and begin gathering your Black Family 5K crew! Use this invite to help you get the word out.

step 3:

Get Your Gear

Before you hit the streets, make sure to purchase your office race kit which comes with commemorative t-shirts, bibs and medals!

step 4:

Mark your calendars & Get ready

Save the date: November 26 is game time. 

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Get Your Special Edition Race Kit

Get your special edition Black Family 5k gear. Create race kits for the family with t-shirts, customizable bibs and medals. As soon as you complete your registration, you’ll receive your custom code to place your order. Orders must be placed by 11/17/2021 to arrive by Thanksgiving.


Meet our National Race Captain, Halle Berry

Halle is here to remind us that we are stronger than we think. Check out her special motivation message for the women of GirlTrek and their families.


Listen to Black History Bootcamp

Don’t wait until Thanksgiving weekend to get out there and get moving. Stay ready so, you don’t have to get ready. Let our viral, one-of-a-kind walking podcast be your training program. Grab your headphones, lace up and tune in for stories of Black inspiration as you walk.

And stay tuned, there might be some special new releases specially curated for your Black Family 5K prep.

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Our Collaborator

The national Release the Pressure (RTP) movement is bringing together thousands of Black women from across America — reminding them to make self-care a priority by taking the RTP Heart Health Pledge. RTP was founded in May 2020 by a diverse coalition of health care organizations and heart health experts – the American Medical Association (AMA), AMA Foundation, American Heart Association, Association of Black Cardiologists, National Medical Association and Minority Health Institute – who are dedicated to partnering with the Black community to improve heart health.

Join the movement and take the pledge at


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